Oyster Teal Agate

This piece is from my Rox Collection 2017

A mesmerising, geologically-inspired agate slice, captured through macro photographic techniques. Natalia digitally enhances the stones, transforming them from dull, earthy tones to become these large vivid pieces to emphasise the delicate beauty and intricate crystal structures.

They are digitally reverse printed onto 5mm acrylic then laser cut, mimicking the raw edge. Natalia hand-applies gold or silver-leaf and sometimes glass shards to complete the effect.

The slices, can either be framed within a box frame and floated to emphasise their crystallised transparency or unframed and mounted directly to a wall using chrome stand-offs.

Prices and stock are available upon request and bespoke orders are welcome.

Materials: Digital reverse print on to 5mm acrylic, laser cut, with overlying gold or silver leaf.
Dimensions: Sizes vary from 50cm diameter up to a mega 3 meters in diameter.
Framing: Handmade matt black wood grain / white background/ Plexiglass or chrome stand offs
Artist’s Signature: Signed on the front by the artist